Accelerate your business performance

Boost your marketing power

Maximize efficiency

Automate cash application to reduce errors, resolve exceptions and disputes quickly, and reduce paper.

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Lift revenue

Improve DSO with enhanced receivables management. Reduce unauthorized discounts and free up constrained credit lines via faster application of cash.

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Reduce risk

Identify at-risk receivables faster and enhance credit risk management with more accurate and up-to-date information.

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Gain the strategic advantage

Speed up integration of newly acquired entities. Centralize receivables and treat them as an alternative funding source.

Cut Costs by 50%

Automating receivables processes helps many Deluxe Financial Services customers cut in-house labor costs by 50% or more and increase overall staff productivity. Process payments and resolve problem items faster.


Work smarter with Receivables Management solutions

integrated receivables

Integrated Receivables

Accelerate working capital and better manage liquidity.
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Get flexible, secure, end-to-end remittance processing services.
Remittance Intelligent Matching

Remittance Intelligent Matching

Straight-through payment solutions from start to finish.


Accelerate your business performance.

Managing receivables is an essential way to impact liquidity. Whether you process consumer-to-business or business-to-business payments, receivables management solutions from Deluxe accelerate working capital and reduce exceptions with straight-through processing across all payment channels to reduce DSO, shrink labor costs, and lift revenue. Financial institutions can attract and retain more commercial customers to grow fee revenue by providing value-added tools and solutions that today’s business customers critically need.

Within the three realms of receivables management, our services focus on three distinct performance areas: acceleration, visualization, and collaboration. We work to accelerate your internal processes to help your institution function more efficiently in the face of both internal and client-facing needs. We work to improve capture efficiencies across all channels, including lockbox, remote deposit capture, paperless, and branches. The result of these tactics is to expedite access to cash and remittance information for those who need it most. With our acceleration services, you’ll find RDC and payment aggregation, remittance and intelligent matching, exceptions management, and dispute case resolution services.

Next, to assist your team with visibility, we offer research and analytics as well as process control services to help you turn receivables into business insights. The aim of these pursuits is to allow your financial institution to maintain process control as well as near-real-time visibility into your branch’s receivables performance, incoming cash flows, and team metrics.

Lastly, through collaborative initiatives, your branch will benefit from our industry vertical systems and automated ERP posting. By aligning corporate ERP data and connectivity, your branch will benefit from faster payment acknowledgment.

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