End-to-End Payment Processing

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Complete Item Processing Services

Deluxe provides a complete item processing solution that includes in-clearings, transit clearing, remote capture, archive, and posting file generation services.

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Universal Payment Process

Built to handle a universal payment process, our solution has been chosen time and again as the one bankers turn to.

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Improve Operational Efficiency

With leading edge technology and process automation, the efficiency of our payment processing suite of solutions helps our clients lead the way with the most streamlined and flexible solutions.

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Superior Technology

When you implement Deluxe Payment Processing Services, your investment carries forward both operationally and technically. We deploy the latest .net and SQL technologies to bring clients a more cohesive support environment with common file sharing and integrated workflow processes.


Fully-integrated back office solution

As check volumes continue to decline and costs continue to escalate, an increasing number of financial institutions and corporations, both large and small, are choosing to outsource their image and item processing as a cost effective way to gain access to the latest technologies, improve their flexibility and reduce capital expenses. Deluxe Payment Processing Services opens the doors  to virtual location processing available either in-house or outsourced, eliminating the need for your own investments in systems or brick and mortar. Retain, enhance, and grow your corporate relationships by offering streamlined payment processing services that help your clients accelerate cash collection and reduce escalating expenses.  Deluxe offers a suite of solutions that facilitate the back office processing of every type of payment (check, ACH, electronic, image, ATM, credit card, debit card, etc.) both today and in the future.

Process Efficiently

Deluxe Payment Processing Services simplifies your operations and saves you money while ensuring data integrity, accuracy and reliability with appropriate control procedures throughout all phases of the transaction processing cycle. All captured components implement enterprise level duplicate detect capabilities to eliminate multiple presentments and deposits.

Handle Returns and Exceptions Effortlessly

Our industry-leading TRIPS® Universal Exceptions Management Suite is a fully integrated and image-based set of back office process automation and case management solutions for all types of transaction and dispute processing in financial institutions and retailers of every size. TRIPS® products include solutions for exceptions processing, incoming and outgoing returns, adjustments, dispute/claims processing, domestic/international collections and special legal mandates (subpoenas, levies, garnishments, etc.).

16.6 Million items processed per month

Deluxe Financial Service’s outsourcing solutions are deployed in multiple processing centers around the country to meet our clients’ delivery and processing requirements.

TRIPS Universal Exceptions Management Suite


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