Simplify the treasury management onboarding process

Elevate the customer experience

Elevate the customer experience

Deliver a paperless onboarding experience without turning business upside down.

Accelerate revenue

Accelerate revenue

Improve your time to revenue up to 35%. Let your sales team focus on selling, not shuffling paper.

Encourage repeat business

Encourage repeat business

Provide self-service options that allow customers to add or modify services on their own.

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Improve efficiency without adding headcount

Reduce manual audit, validation and follow-up efforts by 80% without adding personnel.


The Deluxe difference

Simple integration

Keep your existing processes and forms, while maximizing revenue from treasury clients.

Speed up onboarding

Electronically signed onboarding documents speed contract fulfillment and create a shared repository of data.

Automate workflows

Easily route documents for approval and communicate implementation status on a cloud-based dashboard customers can access from computers or tablets.

Targeted alerts

Notify bank stakeholders of progress and at-risk deliverables.

90% of corporate customers would switch banks for a better treasury onboarding experience

Paperless treasury solutions increase the likelihood of repeat business by streamlining the onboarding process and providing self-service options that allow customers to add or modify services on their own. Similarly, they offer your customers visibility and a feedback loop to resolve issues, reducing phone calls and delays.

Treasury Management Onboarding Overview

Treasury Management Onboarding Infographic

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