Simplify your payments with secure and convenient cheque products

options for every business

Options for every business

Choose from 12 different cheque product categories, including personal cheques, business manual cheques and computer cheques.

Lower fraud risk

Lower fraud risk

Get proven security features that help detect and deter cheque alteration, and enable cheque authentication.

Universal compatibility

Universal compatibility

Deluxe computer cheques are compatible with every available accounting software package.

100% satisfaction guarantee

100% satisfaction guarantee

All cheque orders are guaranteed. If you're not satisfied with your cheque order, we’ll reprint your cheque or replace them with a similar product.


See the Deluxe difference

Custom printing available

Use your cheques to promote your unique company branding.

High-security business cheques

Stay a step ahead of criminals with security features like holograms, microprint, heat-reactive ink, chemical wash detection and original document back patterns.

Full line of compatible accessories

Get everything you need to make writing and sending cheques as easy as possible, from binders to envelopes.