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Speed cash application to reduce exceptions, eliminate unnecessary deductions, cut labor costs and better manage payments relationships.

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Streamline the sales process and speed revenue time with a targeted, customer-centric approach.

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Improve cash visibility and elevate customer support with accelerated processing rates.

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Boost efficiency with an efficient Integrated Receivables solution

What are Integrated Receivables?

Integrated Receivables solutions eliminate the day-to-day roadblocks that make it near-impossible to improve access to working capital and better manage liquidity. The solution automates payment processing to increase Straight-Through-Processing (STP) across all payment channels and accelerates the application of cash to the balance sheet.

Why use Integrated Receivables?

Proliferation of payment channels. Declining B2B check payments. Industry gravitation toward electronic payments such as ACH. These industry trends and more are the driving forces behind today’s receivables management challenges. The difficulty of receivables processing cuts across all companies, from small commercial to the largest multi-billion enterprise.

Corporations have sought a way to improve their payment and invoice matching solutions for all payment streams, particularly for new electronic streams. Most importantly, they are in need of an end-to-end solution that matches remittance data to electronic payments.

Today, corporations receive payments without remittance details and then must manually find the remittance detail in separate systems, such as email. This can waste valuable person-hours, delay cash application and result in errors.

Get the benefits of Integrated Receivables from Deluxe:

Scale to any payments volume

Process everything from small volumes to millions of transactions per day.

Optimized platform

Combine all receivable and payment modules into a unified business process platform.

Single receivables file

Process automation leads to fast cash application, decreased errors and reduced DSO.

Consolidated data and reporting

Get reporting, insights and customer service on one efficient dashboard. 

Payment reassociation and invoice matching

Eliminate manual processes and speed processing with artificial intelligence.

Facilitated research

Easily manage change of address requests and look up payment status, along with associated documentation and customer correspondence.

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