Why Take Advantage Of Outsourcing Services From Deluxe

Low Cost of Entry and Speed to Market

Low Cost of Entry and Speed to Market

Pay only for what you need; start with one vertical or payment type and add more capability as your business grows.

Reduced Unit Costs

Reduced Unit Costs

High-volume regional centers help drive down unit costs.

Expand Your Geographic Footprint

Expand Your Geographic Footprint

Service national clients or locations with regional P.O. boxes.

Enhance Operations

Enhance Operations

Focus on running your business. Leave the processing to us.


Advance Your Business

Pressures on financial institutions, insurance companies, utilities, and other corporations to cut costs and grow revenue is mounting. Many can no longer afford to maintain large in-house remittance operations or invest in penetrating new markets. The solution for many such establishments is outsourcing. Outsourcing retail, wholesale, wholetail lockbox, remote deposit capture, and mailing services from Deluxe Treasury Management Solutions keeps you a step ahead of the competition and the changing payments landscape. Scale with technology to keep overhead in check, stay on current software without upgrade hassles and grow flexibility with hosted and BPO deployment options.

Deluxe makes it easy to choose which functions you want to outsource based on your business needs. You can outsource all aspects of your business process or just parts. For example, a financial institution may choose to outsource their most costly pieces of payment processing while maintaining control of mail location and capture.

By outsourcing your needs to Deluxe, you’ll be able to offer your customers the features they want while keeping your daily operations running at a manageable level.


Whether you’re a financial institution, corporation, or non-profit, our outsourced remittance processing and remote capture services empower your organization. We offer two levels of outsourcing for you to choose from:

Hosted Outsourcing

Deluxe maintains the solutions on a remote server within the United States. You access the server globally and retain the ability to configure the application.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Deluxe handles all aspects of payment capture including scanning, depositing the check, capturing data from remittance documents, creating a file to help expedite posting to accounting, and archiving the payment data and images for up to 10 years.

Embrace the Power of Outsourcing with Deluxe

Deluxe processes over 400 million outsourced transactions each year. Building off our market lead­ership in lockbox services, we partner with our outsourcing clients to support their strategic growth and per­formance goals. Whether you need cost management and scalability or the ability to enter into new geographic markets and profitable verticals, you can count on us. Backed by a proven track record of more than 400M+ items processed annually, Deluxe can be the outsourcing partner you need to achieve your strategic real-world results. Expand into new geographic markets and verticals, convert fixed costs to variable costs, experience rapid time to market, and scale with demand through the power of Deluxe outsourcing services. We provide a wide range of deployment options including BPO, hosted, in-house, and hybrid setups. Our host of outsourcing services also includes many desirable fail-safe operations to give you peace of mind, such as a tier IV data center, capture centers across US, audited disaster recovery, and world-class customer service.



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