Improve Handling Of Problem Payments To Streamline Your Order-To-Cash Cycle


Streamline your deductions and exceptions processes

Deductions and exceptions are the bane of receivables processing. Items that need manual handling across one or more departments add labor costs, delay posting and negatively affect operational performance. At the same time, accurate processing and billing are vital to ensure organizations eliminate unnecessary deductions and exceptions. Our solutions automate processing to streamline deductions and exceptions handling, which improves your order-to-cash cycle.

76% of firms are negatively impacted by a large and growing number of exceptions

As the payments mix becomes more challenging, organizations are tasked with resolution of more difficult items. An astonishing 76% of firms are negatively impacted by a large and growing number of exceptions. The integrated receivables solution from Deluxe Treasury Management Solutions features powerful research and workflow tools you can use to speed problem-payment resolution and posting.

Exceptions and Deductions Management Overview


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