No software. No drivers. No problem.

Discover the world’s simplest cheque scanners today. As the industry’s only cheque scanners to offer true USB “Plug-and-play,” RDM Network scanners are compatible with any operating system and can accelerate onboarding of new RDC customers while decreasing your on-going support and implementation costs by 50% or more. 


The New Standard for Cheque Scanners

Simply start scanning

USB plug-and-play connectivity

Simply plug the cheque scanner into a laptop or desktop computer and start scanning.

Scanning in a few minutes

Unbox & start scanning in a few minutes

No complicated instructions, tutorials or training required. So easy, anyone can be up and scanning within a few minutes.

No software to install

No software to install

With no drivers or software to install, you’ll find implementation and ongoing scanner-related support costs will decrease by 50% or more.

Works with any operating system

Operating system and browser agnostic

Windows, macOS or Linux; IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Doesn’t matter. Our network cheque scanners are 100% compatible with any operating system or browser.

See how simple the world’s simplest cheque scanner really is!


For a closer look at the world’s simplest cheque scanners, watch this short video and see for yourself how true USB “plug-and-play” technology can save your customers time, increase their efficiency and ultimately, save you money from reduced implementation and ongoing scanner support costs.


Reduce RDC implementation and on-going scanner-related support costs by 50% or more.

Remote deposit capture has never been simpler. True USB plug-and-play connectivity will have your customers up and making deposits within a few minutes without training or support. Users just connect, log in and scan!

  • Accelerates self-service digital banking and speeds RDC onboarding
    • Remote deposit capture onboarding has never been simpler. With true USB plug-and-play connectivity, users can start making deposits within a few minutes without training or support.
  • Co-exists with other scanners on the same workstation
    • Since there are no drivers to install, you can use an RDM network scanner on the same workstation where traditional driver-based scanners are installed without conflict.
  • Future-proof design keeps the scanners current and compatible
    • RDM network scanners use standard network protocols for secure connectivity across multiple operating systems, networks and virtual environments.  The unique design also keeps your scanners current and compatible as industry standards and operating systems evolve.
  • Delivers a low total cost of ownership that is unparalleled in the industry
    • RDM network scanners are durable and reliable and backed by a 2-year warranty. They are designed to scan over 1 million documents which equates to a useful life of over 5 years depending on daily volumes. When you consider the significant cost-savings derived from the reduced implementation and ongoing support, there is no other cheque scanner brand that compares.

Get the inside scoop on the world’s simplest scanners.

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