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Cheque Security Solutions

Identity theft costs $2.5 billion a year*

Fight Fraud and Reduce Risk with
Security Products & Services from Deluxe.

Deluxe Security Solutions provide a number of highly innovative products to protect your business transactions and assets. From our new High Security Cheques, with the most innovative security features, to our Security Pens, with special ink that helps prevent against cheque washing and document fraud, we have the high security tools you need to feel secure.

Bank cheque security solutions

Don’t let cheque fraud or identity theft affect your business.
Avoid Cheque Fraud

  Top 9 ways to protect your business from cheque fraud

  • Choose “signature required” when receiving new cheques to avoid them being intercepted
  • Always store your cheques in a safe, secure location
  • Destroy unused cheques from closed accounts immediately
  • Control access to your company’s accounts payable areas and systems
  • Require secure password processes for employees that write and issue cheques
  • Balance your accounts daily to detect abnormalities in a timely manner
  • Use a 12 point or larger font for printed cheques and a security pen for handwritten cheques
  • Know your bank’s policies. Understand your liability regarding cheque fraud prevention
  • Use High Security cheques that are designed specifically to protect your business transactions and assets from fraud
Prevent Identity Theft

  Top 9 ways to protect your business from  identity theft

  • Only allow trusted employees access to personal information
  • Conduct background checks on all new employees
  • Protect company information and records by keeping hard copies stored in a secure location
  • Secure your technology by establishing controls and using password protected software
  • Monitor your credit to help spot irregularities and stop fraud quickly
  • Never respond to phishing emails or unsolicited emails that ask for business or personal data
  • Destroy all expired company documents with a crosscut shredder
  • Develop password policies that prevent multiple people to use the same user name and password
  • Develop a Opens in a new windowprevention plan and ensure everyone in your business knows what to do in case of a security breach
*CBC News Online 2011. Canada Council of Better Business Bureaus estimate includes consumers, banks, credit card firms, stores and other businesses.
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