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Logo Design White Papers

Positioning your I.D.entity.
Positioning is about "Owning" one big thing in your marketplace or marketspace. A credible story that can be summed up in one or two key words! Consider Volvo owning "safety" in the automotive market or Nike owning "performance" in sporting gear and the picture grows clearer.

These articles (white papers) on logo design and branding will help you develop a unique position so your business stands out and beats the competition.

Understanding Your Brand & Position to Out-Perform and Out-Think Your Competition.
What Smart Business Owners WANT TO KNOW!

Market Trends and How To Own A REALLY GREAT Position.
These 3 Market Trends Are Driving Significant Change - Understand How These Will Effect Your Business or Market and You Will Be Ahead of Your Competition!

The Best Positions You Can Own
Tried and True Starting Points for Beginning To Define a Position You Can Own and Make Into Your Biggest SUCCESS STORY!

The Positioning Funnel
Simple Steps to Help Bring Out Your Company Positioning Story - A must for every business no matter the size!

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Logo Design... the key to your I.D.entity.
Logo design is no place for rookies, amateurs, relatives or bored marketing staff. You must have a professional who is trained and experienced at working with businesses on designing the perfect logo to fit the business position. These articles (white papers) will help you develop ideas to guarantee your logo is effective and your brand leads to success.

Five Biggest Logo Design Mistakes
The Most Common Logo Design Mistakes We See in the 300,000 Branded Orders WePrint Each Year!

What Colours Will Work Best With Your Brand and Position
Make Sure that Your Business Colours in your Logo Design Create the RIGHT Perception of Your Company!

Branding Design Ideas
In 2006, No Matter Your Business Size, it is Absolutely Imperative to Look, Act and Think BIG!

Fortune 500 Design Tips. Use Them and Beat Your Competition.
Five Tips From 500s Who Know That The Best Design WINS!

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Building a BIG Brand. I.D.entity.
If you are like most Deluxe customers (businesses with 1-20 employees), you certainly don't have a Fortune 500 budget but you also know that in 2006 you cannot afford to look like a small business. Here are some Fortune 500 Company brand marketing tips that will help you "Look Big". These articles (white papers) will help you look like a Fortune 500 company.

Top 5 Mistakes Businesses Make With Their Brand That Make Them Look Small
Avoid These Mistakes And You Will Significantly Increase Your Chances of Success!

Thinking Through Your Brand
Developing strategy for your small business' brand is as important as the actual implementation of the brand.

Branding Case Study
Find out how one small business owner used branding strategies to carve out a successful niche.

What's Your Brand?
Branding isn't just about having a catchy slogan or a unique company logo!

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