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Customer Testimonial

« I have been enjoying using Deluxe Payroll for 2 years now. After using other providers I was very pleased with the ease of set up and level of support. Information is easy to find and if I don’t have time I can always reach someone for help. T4’s and ROE’s are a simple procedure and I am all for saving time. The ease and simplicity make processing my payroll quick and efficient. Direct deposit is appreciated by my staff because they do not have to come in for a cheque. This also saves time reconciling my bank account because there is only one charge to my account. I would highly recommend Deluxe Payroll. »

Lois Robinson

Refresh, rethink, refocus. Time to review your payroll provider.

When you choose Deluxe Payroll, you are trusting your payroll to a team of experts. Simply access our online payroll management solution from any internet connection and input your payroll information. It’s that easy! And you will not only reduce your operating costs and streamline your business processes with Deluxe Payroll; but you will enjoy…

Flexibility to suit your payroll needs.

  • Download your payroll data to Microsoft™ Excel (or any other software accepting CSV) easily.
  • Payroll e-stubs are emailed to each employee reducing distribution time.
  • Interface with any time and attendance system.

Security that offers you peace of mind.

  • Payroll transactions utilize 128-bit encryption similar to online banking technology ensuring the ultimate in security.
  • Disaster recovery strategy ensures your data will always be safe.
  • All employee information is held off site at a primary data centre on our Canadian back-up servers giving you peace of mind.

Support that is unlimited to reduce your payroll headache.

  • Our payroll professionals will help you every step of the way ensuring your payroll is done correctly and on time.
  • All system enhancements are FREE to you and automatic.

Deluxe Payroll will change your perception of outsourced payroll processing.