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As a full-service Canadian payroll company proudly serving clients nationwide, we offer a variety of time and attendance solutions for small- and medium-size businesses no matter your industry.

According to an industry survey,* employers spend an average of 2.5 hours a week building out their employee schedule — with some claiming to have spent as much as 12 hours on the task! Get that time back and put it to use where it matters most — running your business.


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Centralized Scheduling

Your employees will always have access to the latest version of their schedule on mobile and desktop platforms.

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Flexible time capture options

Secure authentication options for easy and contactless attendance tracking on any device: mobile, tablet or desktop.

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Useful insights at the tip of your fingers.

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Overtime and statutory holiday †

Replace your spreadsheets and eliminate manual calculations.


Time and Attendance facts

Employers spend an average of 2.5 hours a week building out their employee schedule – with some claiming to have spent as much as 12 hours on the task!*

*QuickBooks® Time Survey

The more repetitive data entry tasks you complete, the more likely you are to make an error. Even simple spreadsheets can see an error rate of 18-40%!*

*Thinking is Bad, Raymond R. Panko

Time theft can take as much as 7% of your gross annual payroll.*



Find the solution that best fits

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Time and Attendance:

Enjoy end-to-end time and attendance tracking and employee Task Management with smart technologies for a more inclusive workplace. Features include:

  • Digital Timecards allow for advanced time and attendance tracking. Provide employees with greater visibility into timecard details and approval status. Gain efficiencies by automatically managing approvals, rounding and adjusting shifts through a powerful rule-based engine. You can also easily create and track regional public holidays across your locations and teams.
  • Leave and Absence Management lets you automate, track and manage employee absences and leaves of all types, giving you a single source of truth for managing employee time off and availability. Empower your employees to take control of their schedules with time off, leave and shift change requests. 
  • Secure authentication options for easy and contactless attendance tracking. Choose your optimal clocking option based on your business needs and help keep your teams safe and accurate with facial recognition and geofencing options** with beacon technology. 
  • Stable Cloud-Based Timekeeping that captures full punch details with options for site, job, location and more.
  • Payroll Integration that allows you to sync payroll and timekeeping for more streamlined processing and fewer data errors.

Scheduling and Rostering:

Intelligent scheduling gives you access to the right information at the right time. Solutions include:

  • Employee-friendly scheduling options with compliance in mind allows you to give your employees more control by letting them update availability or find coverage. Easily build efficient schedules at a shift or individual employee level. Help ensure legal compliance with built-in predictive guidelines. 
  • Labour data and reporting to assist in cost projections and proactive monitoring of trends to help you stay compliant. Viewing balances for various types of employee time off, such as vacation time or holiday time. Getting a full payroll summary has never been easier. 
  • Make informed scheduling decisions based on skills, certifications and employee availabilities. Quickly identify scheduling gaps and fill them with available and qualified workers.

*QuickBooks® Time Survey, September 2017

**These features may have additional legal requirements depending on your jurisdiction. Please consult with your own legal counsel for guidance on your use of these tools. Requires additional purchase of beacon technology.

† In provinces where available


How to keep track of your employees' hours


Three great options to meet your business needs

Regardless of how your business would like to track and manage employee time, Deluxe has a solution to help simplify labor cost management.

  • Digital timecards
  • Leave and absence management
  • Secure authentication options
  • Stable cloud-based timekeeping
  • Payroll integration

Manage scheduling and rostering faster and more efficiently with Deluxe solutions

  • Employee-friendly scheduling options with compliance in mind
  • Labour and data reporting
  • Our system helps you make informed scheduling decisions

Get access to all the above features and save money in the process.

  • Includes all features from both above packages

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