Human Resource Information System

Deluxe HR System uses customized dashboards to track, analyze, and develop your teams skills; giving you a high level overview of your business performance. This will help you make better informed decisions in the future!

Our HR is a fantastic stand alone solution that can also be fully integrated with our Payroll and Time & Attendance making it even easier to manage your business day-to-day!

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Our HR Solution Includes

Personal Information Management.

This module consolidates all employee personal information (e.g. hiring contracts, medical information) as attachments.

Absence, Vacation & Overtime Hours Tracking.

This module gathers data related to the various types of time spent away from work as well as extra hours worked.

Training & Development Planning.

This module presents data related to training and development by monitoring workshop participation and costs associated with training.

Workplace Accident Tracking.

This module retains detailed information on occupational health and safety. A user can document workplace incidents as well as their causes, resulting absences, and action plans to return to work.

Performance Evaluations.

This module contains detailed information related to employee performance evaluations. Questionnaires with your company’s specific expectations will be integrated into the system so management can analyze and highlight strengths and risks within an organization.

Disciplinary Records.

This module houses all information related to workplace infractions and disciplinary documentation. This will greatly assist in eliminating chances for repeat occurrences, while enabling management to respond to situations efficiently.