Payroll Software Solution


Online Payroll Inputs

  • Process your payroll anywhere, anytime! At home, at the office or on travel.
  • No need to worry about computer failure, you can access your payroll from another computer, smartphone or tablet.

Real Time Calculations

  • Preview your payroll prior to submission.

Warning Messages

  • Deluxe Payroll provides you with warning messages prior to closing your payroll to alert you of potential errors.

Remote Printing

  • No more courier fees!
  • All of your reports are available instantly.
  • PDF formatted reports reduce required storage space and are environmentally friendly.


  • Electronic pay stubs reduce your distribution time on pay day.
  • Password protected, so they are more secure than paper stubs.

Payroll Updates

  • No longer need to pay for and install payroll updates.

Source Deduction Remittances

  • No need to go to the bank to remit – saves you time!
  • No more risk of late penalties, we remit on time every time.


  • Over 50 free payroll reports. Download complete reports legend (PDF 167 KB)
  • Includes non-standard reports such as GL (general ledger), WCB (worker’s compensation board) and PIER (CPP and EI audit report).

Record of Employment

  • Deluxe Payroll saves you time by completing and remitting ROE’s to the government on your behalf.
  • ROE’s submitted to Service Canada electronically so there is no need to hand them out to employees. The employee can get a copy on their My Service Canada account.

T4s and T4As

  • Deluxe Payroll completes T4’s in self sealed envelopes and reports the information to the government saving you time and money.


  • Our payroll experts keep up on the changing government regulations so you don’t have to!
  • Our customer service is there for you every step of the way.


  • Our high tech security means you can be rest assured that all of your payroll data is kept secure off site.
  • Our hosted solution means that no payroll information is resting on an office computer. This will reduce your risk of confidentiality breach

Manual Cheque Calculator

  • Deluxe Payroll manual cheque calculator allows you to cut pay cheques “on the fly”.
  • It will calculate the net pay, update year-to-dates and we will remit your source deductions the next payroll.

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