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Resources to Help with Payroll

Whether you are just starting your search for payroll options for your business or have made the decision to outsource, we have some pertinent reference articles to help you with your decisions.

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Top 10 reasons to outsource your payroll

Top 10 reasons why customers have switched from other payroll service providers to Deluxe Payroll.

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How to Choose Software to Manage your Business.

Considering a new software program to manage your business? Be sure to consider all of your options when it comes to including payroll in your software application. This whitepaper can help you with some guidelines to make the right decision.

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How to Protect Yourself and Your Business from Fraud

Printing to cheques for your payroll? Cheque fraud is an ever increasing cause for concern. Be sure you are protecting your business.

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Paperless Payroll No Longer a Pipe Dream

Take advantage of an online payroll service provider with electronic pay stubs and your office can be paper free.