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A website that makes your case


Is your website doing justice to your legal practice? Potential clients judge you on the way you present your case online. When hunting for legal help, website visitors expect to find a website that looks professional and reputable. Will they like what they see when they come across yours?

A website that makes your case

Is your website doing justice to your legal practice? Potential clients judge you on the way you present your case online. When hunting for legal help, website visitors expect to find a website that looks professional and reputable. Will they like what they see when they come across yours?

What makes a great legal website?

In many respects, all business websites need to follow certain rules. They should be visually attractive, they should be easy to navigate and they need to clearly communicate certain information:

  • About the company or business
  • Services offered
  • What sets the practice apart from the competition
  • How to get in touch — phone, email, submission form, etc.

On top of those basic needs, however, legal practices and law-related businesses can elevate the effectiveness of their websites by taking additional steps. Trust is an enormous factor in selecting a legal service, so client testimonials and attorney accreditations are important to add. Another way to build trust is to regularly post content related to your practice areas. Accomplish this with a blog where you cover relevant legal news, issues and questions.

For firms with multiple attorneys and paralegals, a directory can be a smart addition to the website. That makes it easy for visitors to find legal professionals by name and quickly see their bios and credentials.

Clear calls to action are also important. Include a button for potential clients to get in touch with you in only a click. “Request a consultation,” “Book an appointment” and “Get a quote” are examples of strong calls to action.

How to get a great legal website

Creating a successful website requires some planning. To start, consider how you want to come across to potential clients. Craft a message that will resonate with them, focusing on how your expertise speaks to their needs. What problem do you solve for them, and what sets you apart from other attorneys in the field? Defining this ahead of time guides the rest of your website strategy.

Then think about the elements that will make the site attractive and useful to visitors. Just throwing the book at it is not the solution. Above all, the website needs to look good. Don’t clutter it with so many elements competing for dominance that it becomes confusing or hard to decipher; that is a sure turnoff for website visitors.

Instead, create simple navigation options like “About our firm,” “Our practice areas” and “Contact us.” Make them easy to find, typically along the top or left side of your page. People scan websites in an F-shaped pattern, so keep that in mind when placing your important items.

Quality imagery is important, as it adds visual appeal and can create a connection with visitors. One high-quality, well-placed image can have more impact than a dozen lesser pictures. If you have a logo, add it to your website, and match the website’s colours to your branding.

When the website is complete, it should communicate who you are, what you do and what you offer to potential clients in five seconds or less.

Why you need a professional website builder or design service

Whether you build your own website or you hire a professional design team to do it for you, the goal is the same. Be clear, concise and engaging. For something as important as a website — the digital home of your business — settling for something cut-rate or subpar never pays off.

Instead, trust professionals like the Website Design team at Deluxe to craft your site for you. Opt for the level of customization that’s right for you and your practice. Or, if you prefer to handle the launch yourself, Deluxe’s Website Builder is an intuitive, step-by-step approach to setting up and publishing your own site in a short amount of time — no design or coding experience needed.

No matter the route you choose, the jury must come to the same conclusion: An attractive, mobile-responsive template your clients will enjoy interacting with. Case closed.

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Is your website pulling its weight? The best business sites make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. Your unique selling proposition, details on your products and services, and compelling imagery belong front and center. Contact info, company background and testimonials are crucial, too. The most skillful sites boast functionality that allows existing and prospective customers to book appointments, request consultations, reserve tables, share on social media and more. Deluxe’s team of expert web designers have years of experience crafting attractive and effective websites for every industry. Get a professional website for your business today.