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Finding a day care, nanny, tutor or school for a child is no easy task. From the safety of the facility to the overall quality of the instruction or care, there’s so much that families need to consider and research before they feel comfortable enrolling their child in any program.

To generate interest in your school or child care services, you need to build trust, show that you’re a professional and demonstrate that your values align with those of your prospects. While an online business listing or a Facebook page can provide basic information about your program, neither is as powerful at communicating what makes you unique and encouraging families to reach out to you as a strong website.

What makes a great education or child care website

Animation, video, image galleries — there are so many exciting features that can be added to your company’s website to make it stand out. But before you can even think about all the bells and whistles, you have to start with the basics. Every business website needs:

  • Easy-to-find contact information and hours of operation
  • An “about us” page or paragraph that explains what you do
  • An email signup form, so you can follow up with visitors and build your contact list
  • A simple domain name
  • A secure hosting platform
  • A mobile-responsive design, so your website can be viewed on every device

It’s also crucial that the layout is easy to navigate — meaning it’s uncluttered and has clear calls to action that tell visitors to contact you, subscribe to your email list, “enroll now” or other action you might want them to take.

Once the basics are in place, focus on incorporating the elements that will engage the audience you’re trying to reach. Think about what parents or guardians need to see. What would encourage them to entrust their child to you? Consider including the following:

  • Testimonials from parents
  • A list of accreditations, licenses or awards you’ve received
  • Photos of your facility and staff
  • Information about your academic philosophy

You can enhance the user experience with features like video, but of course that it isn’t a necessity. Ultimately, the best website for your business is one that functions properly, provides visitors with the information they’re looking for and encourages prospects to reach out to you.

Why you need a professional website

It’s more important than ever to have a strong web presence. According to a recent Maryland Child Care Choices study, most parents use the internet to research their options. If your school or day care isn’t online, you could be missing out on new enrollments. A high-quality, professional website not only enables you to connect with parents and guardians the moment they search, but it also immediately establishes credibility. It takes roughly five seconds for someone to form an opinion about your website. You can make sure that first impression is positive with a professional design.

Why you need expert website tools or services

When building a website, some business owners are more comfortable taking the reins while others prefer to have an expert do the heavy lifting. Fortunately, there are professional tools and services that will help you succeed regardless of the path you take.

With a do-it-yourself (DIY) website builder, you’ll begin with a template. Using the design tools provided in the application, you’ll be able to create a simple website that establishes your online presence. The DIY route is considered the most cost-efficient choice and is often best for businesses just starting out.

A do-it-for-me (DIFM) option offers more personalization and greater website functionality. After learning about your company’s goals, a web design expert will customize a template with a colour scheme, typography and content that work for your brand. You’ll also be able to add the special tools and features your business needs to connect with new prospects, like enhanced signup forms and third-party integrations such as Yelp.

For even greater personalization, try a fully customized website. If you choose this option, a designer will build your website from the ground up, tailoring each element to fit your business goals. Would you like to have your enrollment application on your website? What about a child development checklist to help parents determine if it’s the right time to apply for your program? With a Deluxe Custom Website, you can enhance your website with features that help your business run smoother and ensure you stand apart from the competition.

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Whether you build your own website or let Deluxe design it for you, our professional tools and service are backed by years of expertise. We’ll help you stake your claim online the smart way.

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Depending on the package you choose, our DIY and DIFM websites can include hosting, a domain name and email marketing.

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Once your website is complete, you’ll be able to edit it and update its information as often as you want, whenever it’s convenient for you.

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All of our DIY and DIFM websites are mobile-responsive. That means they’ll look great and function perfectly on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones — everywhere your customers are online.

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Our skilled copywriters create keyword-rich, industry-specific content your visitors will love reading and that gets your site noticed by search engines.

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What our customers say about our work

My initial interaction with the Deluxe sales representative was delightful in that she was knowledgeable about the product and very professional. Upon being assigned to a website coordinator, the experience of developing my website was awesome. Although I made several changes, she was patient, pleasant and accommodating. I would recommend Deluxe for business to anyone, and I would definitely use their services again for my business.

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  • Linda Edwards

    Knowledgeable website coordinator , Celebrity Kids Club of Miami Gardens

After being in business for 25 plus years and managing my own website, I was ready to take my business to the next level by having a professionally designed website. I did not want a "cookie cutter" design and felt I needed to be able to be involved in the design process. The team used their professional design skills and blended my ideas to create the perfect website that I am very, very proud to present. The design consultant was very patient and listened to my needs. He stayed on top of the project and did so in a consistent and professional manner. I cannot praise his professionalism enough.

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  • Marsha Fincher

    The perfect website , The Little Lambs Spot

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Is your website pulling its weight? The best business sites make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. Your unique selling proposition, details on your products and services, and compelling imagery belong front and center. Contact info, company background and testimonials are crucial, too. The most skillful sites boast functionality that allows existing and prospective customers to book appointments, request consultations, reserve tables, share on social media and more. Deluxe’s team of expert web designers have years of experience crafting attractive and effective websites for every industry. Get a professional website for your business today.