Safeguard the uniqueness of your business name, slogan or logo

Protect your intellectual property

Protect your intellectual property

Safeguard your business name, slogan, logo and other unique properties.

Increase your brand value

Increase your brand value

Trademarks and copyrights build brand loyalty among repeat customers while protecting your business from unauthorized usage.

Boost your marketing power

Boost your marketing power

Demonstrate to customers and competitors that your unique brand is registered and protected.

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Simplify the filing process

We’ll walk you through the process, making it quick and painless.


It’s easy to protect your business

Get the right protections

Protect your brand and business identity by registering your business’s trademark.

We simplify the process

It’s easy to complete your filing. Just answer a few simple questions and we'll handle the rest.

Trademark and copyright peace of mind

We’ll protect your investment by monitoring your trademark and copyright for potential infringement. Get detailed reports of any findings.