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Security Paper Blue, Blank Sheets

Item# SSP01
Size: 8 1/2 x 11"
Security Paper Blue, Blank Sheets-SSP01
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Benefits and Features
Helps keep original sensitive data secure

Prevent unauthorized copies and safeguard confidential business, legal, healthcare and personal documents.

  • Chemical Sensitive Paper. Stains or spots appear if chemical alterations are attempted.
  • Fluorescent Fibers. Fibers in the paper are visible under fluorescent light.
  • Microprint. If photocopied, 1-point type in border appears as a dotted line.
  • Thermochromic (heat sensitive) ink. Used on the lock icon; when rubbed between thumb and forefinger, or breathed upon, the image will fade and then return.
  • Toner Adhesion Properties. Paper chemistry creates a bond between laser toner and paper fibers ' alteration attempts result in visible paper damage.
  • True Watermark. Special watermark is visible only when held up to a light and cannot be photocopied.
  • Void Pantograph. If photocopied or scanned, the word 'VOID' appears prominently across the document.
  • Warning Box. To deter any fraud attempts, security features are listed on the back of the paper.
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